Suspensions Systems

          So what are we talking about when we say suspensions. What I'm talking about is the suspension that holds your car from sitting on the ground, from ball joints, springs, shocks, control arms, tie rod ends, spindles, and all the parts that make up the rest of your suspension, from the front to the rear. So what kind of problem can you have with a suspension system. Lets start with why does my tires wear on one side of the edge or the other. It could be from a front end alignment being out, too worn out ball joints. How do you tell which is it. We can start by checking ball joints to tie rods. The way you check a ball joint is, first place the jack right behind the tire, under lower control arm, then jack the tire off the ground about 4".Now get a pry bar that's about 3' long, stick it under the tire, slide the bar about 1/3 the way under the tire. Now pick up on the bar and see if the tire moves up about 1/4 " or more. If it does, you have a lower ball joint bad, if it does not ,ball joint good. To check the upper ball joint, with the jack still under car. Grab the top of the tire and push inward on the tire, If it moves inward any bit, upper ball joint bad. To check the tie rods, grab the sides of the tire, both sides about midway down, now push inward on the sides, back and forth and see if there is any movement in and outward, there should be no movement at all. If all these parts check to be tight, you probably have a alignment issue.

               So you got a rattling noise coming from the front end

            You got a rattling noise driving down the road, and every time you hit a bump it sounds like your front end is falling apart. Most likely you have a sway bar link bad, or a shock lose. Could be control arm bushings, maybe even a really worn ball joint. The easiest thing to check is sway bar links, they are the links at each end of a sway bar. They are bolted to the lower control arm and to the sway bar. Most have rubber grommets that are sandwiched between more rubber grommets and separated by a tube on a long bolt. A lot of times the rubber grommets are missing. If its a shock you can see if the bushings are missing or the rubber grommets or missing on the stud end of the shock.

Let's talk more about suspensions. You ever see a car that was sitting on the ground in back and high in the front. That car probably has air bags in the rear and not the front. Do you own one of these cars. It can get rear costly to fix those air bags, but there is another fix for that problem. Most of those types of cars came two ways, one with air bags and the other with coil springs. If you happened to have the one with air bags and you have this problem, you can convert it over to coil springs for a lot cheaper than air bags.