Engine Performance

Engine performance, what do we mean, is it more horse power, is it better gas mileage, is it being more efficient. Well it's kinda all of them. You can get a little bit of all of these together. Where do you start. Some people still think old school when it comes to performance. They think dual exhaust by itself, will give them more horsepower, better gas mileage. That's not true with the automobiles of today, it hasn't been so for quite sometime. Every automobile built today and for the last 30 years have been built with computers on board. In the old days when there was carburetors and points distributor , anything you could do, from duals, air cleaners, hotter ignition systems you could get better performance from using those technics. But with the autos of today, it's all about the programming of the computer systems. Duals by itself want do it, but with a programmer and a few other modifications, you can get a lot of horsepower, better gas mileage, and more effencient automobiles. I see people everyday come into the shop and they want to pull the catalytic convertors off and run duals, biggest mistake they can do is that. Most all automobile manufactures, tune there engines with the catalytic converters on the engines. When you do away with those things, you mess with the tuning of the engine. When you mess with the tuning, you mess with performance. So what do you do to get better performance. You buy a engine programmer, and you tune your engine yourself. They are not cheap, but it's cheaper than spending money on things that don't help. Believe me when I say, buy a programmer and you will see a big differents in the performance of your automobile, I mean, in the seat of your pants difference. You can get better gas mileage, by 3 to 5 miles to a gallon, sometimes even more when you add duals, and a cold air kit.

                            So What Kind Of Programmer Do You Need

There are many programmers on the market today, from do it yourself too a shop who does it thru a laptop on a dino machine. The programmer you can buy from a performance shop or online is limited to what it can do. The shops that do a program from a laptop can do a lot more for you, but they are more expensive than a do it yourself programmer. If all you are looking for is better gas mileage or a little more horsepower, then all you need is a do it yourself programmer.

If you need a complete performance kit, please contact me. I can get all of these item's. Here's a list of the name brand's I can get.

Programmer's             Exhaust Kits            Cold Air Kits

SCT                                 PRO-FLO                     AEM

EDGE                              FLOWMASTER             AFE               

HYPRETECH                   MAGNAFLOW            AIRAID               

BULLY DOG                   DYNAMAX                 K&N                     



I also build custom exhaust systems, install headers, X pipes, H pipes