There is a lot of information on the internet, who do you trust. That's a hard one to figure out. I use the internet to find problems that I run into that help me, maybe they can help you too. A lot of the information is confusing, expectionally if you don't understand what your doing. There's all kinds of forums you can go too. Hopefully you can find what you need right here.

      Auto repair problems,where do you start?It start's with the right tools.It also start's with knowing where to begin.Are you having a problem with a no start,a braking problem,a running hot problem.What ever problem your having.fixing it start's with the right diagnostics.If you got a no start problem,you got to have a good test light,a can of starting fluid and knowing what to do with those things.What if the engine doesn't spin over,is it the battery,starter or maybe the engine is froze up.How do you know which one it is.This page is going to tell you what it is you are going to need or maybe a place to go to find your fix,are where to start.

     If you are having auto repair problems on a certain subject go to the table of contents and click on the page that best suits the area of your problem.In those pages you will find a more discriptive detail of how that subject works and how to troubleshoot a problem you might be having.


                 What You Going To Need

       Like I said earlier,you are going to need some tools.You don't have to go out and buy a full toolbox of tool's.Your going to need a test light,for almost everything your going to do on a car to find auto repair problems.From checking fuses,for checking to see if a engine has ignition fire,to see if your getting voltage to a starter or relay.Your going to need a coke bottle with some gas in it,or a can of starting fluid to see if you have a fuel problem.A small jack to check for bad wheel bearings,ball joints,suspension problems.If you got a leaking power steering,radiator,oil leak on the engine or transmission,even a air condition leak.You can buy leak detector for anything that leaks on a automobile.Surely that's not all the tools you will need to do a auto repair,but it is what you will need to do a diagnostics on your problem.


Auto Repair Diagnostic and Troubleshooting‚Äč