Hi Tech Auto Repair and Muffler Shop, We are a full service auto repair shop. Been open for 25 years, We do almost everything there is to do to a automobile. I do most all work myself. I don't do any major auto repairs anymore, like engine replacements, head replacement, timing belts, if it's going to take me 8 are more hours to do a job, I don't do that anymore. I can recommend someone you can trust that does that kind of repairs, so call me and I would be glad to give you their phone number.

    I do custom exhaust work on about anything that has a engine.I'v done mud boats,air boats, atv's,lawn mowers,trucks,cars,generators,tractors,motorcycles, motorhomes,go carts,rock crawlers,street race cars. I specialize in removing broken bolts in heads,blocks,exhaust manifolds or anything you may have broken a bolt in.

    I am located on the southwest corner of Sulphur, LA. Which is at exit 20 off I-10. I am on Eva St. which is 5 blocks west of Ruth St. Turn west at Popeye's and go 5 streets to Eva St, turn right on Eva St. My shop is almost to the end of the street on the right.

   I use parts that have a lifetime warranty, when I can. My labor is warranted for 90 days if I buy the parts. I will also replace parts that you buy and bring me. But I do not warranty the labor on the job where you bring the parts. I guaranty that the parts are installed right, so if you bring me a water pump to replace and you leave and the fan comes off and tears up the radiator, I will fix the radiator. But if the water pump itself starts to leak, I will not replace it for free.

   Shop is open Monday thru Friday. We are open from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm. Closed most Holidays