My name is Willie OQuain, most people in the little town of Sulphur, LA, call me Pee Wee. I was born here and still here. I started doing auto repair when I was 13 years old. I bought a 1967 Chevy SB truck from a diesel mechanic who worked at the ship yard near Sulphur, he was driving home from work and ran out of gas, so he put diesel in the tank and made it home. So my first job was getting the diesel out and get the little truck running right, wow I did it on my own, and found out that's what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. That was in 1974. I took auto repair shop in high school and in the 12th grade all I had was shop in the morning and then the second half of the day I went to work at a auto repair shop here in town called Nolan's Auto Repair and worked there until I graduated. I did everything that I could to learn what it took to fix the cars that came into the shop.

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You are here looking for information that will help in the repair of your auto. These web pages are full of information that I hope can solve your problem, or at least get you headed in the right direction. But why should you trust what I have to say,can I tell you my story and why I'm qualified to answer your questions. If you like you can read my story or search this site for what ever auto repair problem you might be having 

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In 1991 I opened up my own shop. I bought a house from a guy that was a welder, and he had  built a big shop to weld aluminum boats in. I turned the shop into an auto repair shop. I worked on anything and everything that came into the shop. I worked from bumper too bumper, top too bottom. I will work on door windows, trunk and hood latches, dome lights too head lights. I did it all, motor swaps, timing belts, cylinder heads, wiring, coolant, brakes, front end suspensions, rear end repair.  In the years that passed, I continued to go to classes to keep up with the new technology. And in 1996 the government made all auto manufactures have the same diagnostic hook ups. Then all the automobiles had pretty much the same information gathering technology. Then when you thought they were done with messing with a good thing, they come out with anti-lock brakes. Some more computer control problems to deal with. Some more diagnostic equipment to buy,some more classes to go to. As the years go by, we have a lot more wires and less mechanical controls. We have computers that control ride, air conditioning, seat warmers, sound, lights, windows, engine, transmission, brakes, anti theft, sensors that let you know if another car is close to the side of your car, and a lot of other things on your automobile. In 2004 I bought a pipe bender and started doing exhaust work again. My old boss at Settoon's ask me why would I get into muffler work ,he said exhaust don't rust out anymore. I told him exhaust have come along way since the old days. There are performance exhaust that makes a automobile run better and sound better.

  A year later I went to work at a tire shop called Settoon Tire and Muffler Service. There I learned everything there was to learn about tires, front end suspensions, exhaust repair, brakes. The owner had a 1968 Camaro  race car, where I got to learn all about performance. Later I bought me a 1968 Camaro and built a street and strip car. Working at the tire shop I learned all about installing lift kits, running boards, sunroofs, fog lights, roll bars. I learned a lot about wiring on cars installing radios, speakers and amps. I built custom exhaust systems, such as headers for a few race cars in town.  

Welcome to my auto repair shop. I have a shop in Sulphur, LA., in the Lake Charles, LA area of southwest Louisiana. I do auto repair and mufflers. I have been in business for 25 years, and been doing auto repair  for 40 years.

Then I went to work at another auto repair shop in Sulphur, called Mead's Garage. They opened shop in the 1930's.They even had a top fuel dragster there. A very busy shop it was. I was the diagnostic mechanic there. If a car came into the shop not running or running bad, I would trouble shoot the problem and tell one of the other mechanics what he would need to do to fix the automobile. I continued to take classes in electronic engine controls, by now all automobiles are fuel injected. If you were not keeping up with the new technology you were being left behind. I started buying  the new diagnostic computer monitors that Snap On made. It was a challenge back then, all the different auto manufactures had a different diagnostic hook up. Some cars would give you plenty of information on the monitors to fix them. Others you would have to use volt meters, test lights, jumper wires, anything that it would take to get the information I needed to make a repair.  Mean time I was still doing auto repair at home and staying busy doing it. I would work till 12 or 1 o'clock at night and all day Saturday and Sunday. I worked for Mead's for 3 years.

    In 1979 I started doing auto repairs at my home, where I built a little shop, while still working at the tire shop. I called my little shop at home, Hi-Tech Automotive, with the slogan, " The shop for the car of the future".  In 1981 all car manufactures started using computers in their cars. It was the beginning of a new era in auto repair. I knew then that I was going to have to learn how to work on computerized cars. So I took a course in computers to understand how they worked in the automotive world. I worked at the tire shop until 1986.

  I continued to take courses in electronic computer controls during the years.

  I worked at home for a few months, repairing cars. Then a friend that I had worked with at Nolan's Auto Repair gave me a call about coming to work with him. He worked at a place called Lake Charles Motor Exchange. They had a muffler shop there and needed someone to run the muffler shop and swap out engines. They also had a machine shop where they rebuilt engines. There I learned all about doing machine work on heads, blocks, crankshafts. I also learned a lot about swapping out motors, I swapped motors in everything you could think of, boats, buses, front wheel drive cars, vans, trucks. I even swapped a motor in a  monster truck. I worked there for 3 years.

​​​​In 2010 I started building cars and trucks from ground up. The 67 Camaro above was the first car I built, it was my wife's car, her and I built it back in 1980. The yellow Chevy is mine, the orange truck and the green car belonged to a man from the Lake Charles, LA. area. I still get up every morning and do what I love to do, work on cars and trucks. So if there is anything that I can do for you and your vehicle,please call me,e-mail me or better, come see me. Until we meet,HAPPY MOTORING !